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As a professional solution finder, I use my extensive experience, full knowledge of my field and combine it with your project's goals and the target audience to find the right quality solution that best suits your project.

Hi, I'm Julide and I am a professional hand letterer and designer. My main focus is creating the best high quality custom logo and branding solutions for your personal or professional brand(s).


Logo is the face of your company. It is the tool that communicates and connects your products to your

target audience. Because the logo is the very first thing customers and consumers associate with a company, it is THE single most important part of your image. That is why having a custom hand lettered logo that is unique to you is incredibly important to create the strongest possible brand you can portray while setting yourself apart from the competition. Be unique and show it!


Branding is consistency. If your logo is the face of your company, branding is the character of it. You shape your company’s character by consistently providing a quality brand that your target audience associates with you. That is what creates trust and value.

Uniqueness of logos come from being shaped to create the company name in a way that your target audience directly associates with your company. This is where lettering comes into play. Check out the various pieces I have created so far.



Trust is very important to me. I want to work with people I trust. I assume you are the same way. To create this trust with my clients, I have detailed case studies that explain the creative process step by step. Read on to see how my process works to find the right custom quality solutions and get your project reach your goals for maximum value.



You are an entrepreneur and started your own company. As a person that strives the best you want to create a unique look and branding for your business.

Drop me a line so we can start the conversation!

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