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This project is the second part of the three-phase re:branding project for Gemini Wadley;


  • Gemini logo

  • Passion Alive logo

  • Website that houses everything that is a branch of the Gemini Wadley brand.

The problem:

The approach for the website and Gemini's logo is completely different than the approach I used for Passion Alive logo for the mere fact that Passion Alive had a public face and a logo prior to me taking it on as a project. So it was basically tweaking an existing logo vs creating one from scratch.​

Old Logo

It was essential that the logo I was going to create was the modernized version of the current logo. The only way to establish this goal was to handdraw the logo to give me freedom to custom adjust every detail.


When I started, I wanted to fix the problem of the disconnect between the two words that was established using two different fonts. I didn't see any logical reasoning behind making such a distinction between the two words that actually needed to be connected. This connection was the basis of my design behind the logo.

As the drawing of the letters got more and more distinct, I knew the design was not done and that it needed an addition to solidify the connection between 'passion' and 'alive'. The infinity symbol helped me to achieve this goal. The connection of A and P and the dot of 'i' and the tail of 'e' would enclose the logo connecting two words while drawing the infinity symbol.

Hand lettered logo final pencil stage right before inking.

Logo inked with Microns. Now it is time to digitize the logo.

Final logo ready to be used in various platforms.

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