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The summer orientation program at colleges are a big deal. It is no different for Columbia College Chicago. For that reason, they needed to handle the program as a brand.


Designing the logo took two stages. One was the hand lettered logo followed by the revamp of the logo that was completed on the digital platform.

Initially the logo above had formed but taking a closer look at the whole logo, even though design-wise it is an interesting and beautiful hand lettered piece, it is not solving the problem the client had. It is not communicating the navigational aspect of the meaning of the phrase 'You Are Here'.

Once back to the drawing board, I started working from that aspect and the solution was to integrate the map of the south loop in a pleasing way to the phrase that was going to be turned to the logo. The result was a successful logo that portrayed the message of the program. The application of the finished product was stunning and accentuated the colors and the strength of the logo.

You Are Here Shirt.jpg
You Are Here Totebags.jpg
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