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The most important thing in business is trust and to be able to establish that trust with you, I aim to be as transparent in my design process as possible by setting the right expectations. Here is my general process.




A simple, yet detailed questionnaire is prepared for you to fill out at the start of the project to establish what your basic needs are. I provide a high level of excellence and put care into each of my projects, which brings a high volume of inquiries. Due to this, I am highly selective about the projects I take on. The more detailed information you provide in the questionnaire, the easier it will make it for me to determine if we are a good fit.




After the questionnaire, I will get in touch with you to further discuss the details of the project. This is the most important part of the whole collaboration phase because this is where I receive detailed information about your company, brand, goals, target audience, your expectations and projections that are necessary for me to move on to the next step. You are the professional in your field so I will have lots of questions for you to help me better understand the problem that needs the right design solution I will provide for you in the end.




After our meeting a very thoroughly customized work process that is unique to your project will be sent for your review along with an estimated pricing of the project and the contract.




Once you are ready to sign the contract, I will go over it with you to answer any questions you might have for me. After that I will be receiving the initial payment upon signing and your work ends and mine begins.




My creative process starts with research; about your target audience, your competition, the goals we have discussed and the product. Once the ideas are out, it is time to test them for the best fit. Ideas may come from any source and at any given time. As the perfect idea comes together with the research, that is where the magic happens.




Application of the magic to the brand is executed and it is ready for the presentation.




The executed project is prepared to be presented as a detailed case study at this point. This case study allows you to take a peak behind the curtain to see how the creative process happens without any personal preference and shows each design decision pertaining to the goals of the project.




After the presentation as soon as I receive the rest of the payment, I will deliver the workable files for you to proudly start using to your heart’s content.


Collaboration or just stopping by to say hi, drop me a line and we can start the conversation!

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