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It's Official!

I have completed my first ever font!

After months-long creation, sketching, digitizing, this is what my first font looks like. The iterative process was painstakingly slow but well worth it. When it came to naming it, there were a few contenders but I settled with my own name. No matter what fonts I create from this point on, this one is always going to be special to me not just because it is my first font but also for what it taught me - still is, matter of fact - a lot about the process, which is annoyingly frustrating and satisfactory at the same time.

I hope you will enjoy this font and the minimalist elegance it will bring to your pieces you will be using it on!

You can download it HERE!

What the first version contains:

  • Capital letters (A-Z)

  • Lowercase (a-z)

  • Numbers (0-9)

  • Basic punctuation

  • Total of 78 glyphs

What is coming up next:

  • Numbers (bold and italics)

  • Italic caps (A-Z)

  • Italic lowercase (a-z)

  • Added punctuation

  • Symbols

  • Foreign language glyphs additions

  • Bold caps (A-Z)

  • Bold lowercase (a-z)

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